Taking things slowly and building a sustainable future.

Setting up a new business can be daunting and all of the stats you hear is that “40% of businesses fail in the first 5 years” but Annie with Alex will be different! The reason for the positivity is all about the preparation, understanding where your product fits and which customer you are targeting.

Back in September 2017 we decided to give Annie with Alex “a bit of a go!” Friends and family were so supportive they said “this is perfect time you can hit the Christmas sales period, it’s a key selling time” and a few independent retailer friends said to us “give us a few of your small bags and we can sell them”.

Yes, we could have sold multiple of products in the first 4 months, but as a new start-up business we took the decision to work on our: core marketing/ commercial proposition, seek customer feedback, supply chain, distribution elements.

We believe that taking a step back and taking things slowly by focussing on the core business elements we believe will enable us to be one of the 60% of business who survive after 5 years!

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